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PERM — Registration by Employers

The US Department of Labor’s electronic filing system for PERM requires that the employer register on their system, and that the employer then add its attorneys or representatives as users. The US Department of Labor has stated that it is tracking the source of each registration, and will cancel registrations that were not done by the employer.

Where Do I Register?

The current URL for the US Department of Labor’s PERM system is When you access it, it will pop-up an alert informing you that you are entering a government computer system to be used only for official government business.

How Do I Register?

  1. On the very first page on the US Department of Labor’s PERM site, locate and press the “Register” button.
  2. On the next page, select the “Setup Employer Profile” button.
  3. This will bring up a page informing you of the “Terms and Conditions” for use of the site. In order to proceed, you will need to “Accept” those terms and conditions.
  4. The actual registration begins after you have accepted the “Terms and Conditions.” At the top of the “Welcome new Employer” page, in the “User Profile” box, you will need to enter the name, phone number, and email address of the person having hiring authority at the company. This person cannot be the person for whom the PERM will be filed. You also need to enter a “username.”
  5. In the “Employer Business Information” box, you will begin by entering the company’s “EIN Number.” This is the company’s Federal Tax ID number. It has the format ##-#######. This number can be found on the company’s Federal tax returns. It also appears in box B of the company’s W-3s and W-2s.
  6. The “Name of Employer” is almost always the name of the company. It is almost never the name of a person. For corporations, it is the name under which the company was incorporated. For partnerships, it is the name of the partnership.
  7. The address you enter should be the headquarters address. The US Department of Labor will check various public databases to see if the address is the address of the company named in the “Name of Employer” box. The address entered must match the name entered, or the US Department of Labor will request documentation regarding the existence of the company.
  8. You will also need to select the “NAICS Code” for the company’s business. This code is based on the main business of the company. Although it can be found in Item 2a on Schedule K of tax return 1120, and Item C on tax return 1065, you may still need search for it using the “search” link provided on the registration page. If you have a number that ends in zeros, do not enter the ending zeros.
  9. In the “Employer Contact Information” box, we recommend checking the “Same as Employer Information” box. You can, however, designate another contact person. This person, however, cannot be the person for whom the PERM will be filed.
  10. After you submit this information, the US Department of Labor’s system check the information entered against several public databases.
    1. If the Department of Labor cannot find the company in its database, it will issue a request for verification of the FEIN number. This verification will normally consist of a copy of the IRS letter assigning the employer the FEIN number. Once the FEIN number is verified, the Department of Labor will proceed as detailed below.
    2. If all the information matches, it will automatically send you two emails. One of these emails contains a four-digit “PIN” number. Print this email out and save it in a safe place, as you will need this “PIN” number to file the PERM Labor Certifications. The other email contains the user name you selected, and a temporary password. You must receive these emails before you can proceed. If the information entered is not in the public databases, or is different from that in those databases, the US Department of Labor will request documentation that the company exists before sending out the emails.
  11. You now need to go back to the “Home” page and login using the username you selected, and the temporary password the US Department of Labor assigned you.
  12. Upon logging in, the system will have you change the temporary password to a permanent one. The new password you select must be at least eight characters long, and can be up to 15 characters long. It needs to contain at least one number, and at least one “special character” such as “!,” “@,” “#,” “$,” “%,” “^,” or “&.” For example “1BlueTree!” is a valid password, but “1BlueTree”, “BlueTree!” and “BlueTree” are not. You will also need to select a secret question and provide the secret answer to that question.
  13. After changing you password, you will need to login again! You will do so using your user name and the password you just selected.
  14. Once you login, select the “User Accounts” tab, and then activate the user account by pressing “Activate User Account”. The information in the account should be correct. If it is not, press “Modify”. Otherwise, press “Done”.
  15. Click on the “User Accounts” tab again. Now click on the “Add New User” button. This will allow you to add our firm as a user so that we can prepare and file the Labor Certifications on your behalf.
  16. The user information you will need to enter for our firm is the information we will have previously provided you by mail or email.
  17. Once you have saved our information, you can log out. We will receive a pair of emails like those that you received at the beginning of the registration process, and will be able to prepare and file PERM labor certifications for your company.