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Most individuals seeking to obtain Legal Permanent ResidenceLegal Permanent Residence is also known as the “Green Card.” through employment must have their employers, or prospective employers begin the process by filing a “Labor Certification“Labor Certification” is shorthand for “Application for Permanent Employment Certification.”” with the US Department of Labor.

Due to changes in the processing of Labor Certifications by the US Department of Labor, Labor Certifications have been known by several different names Labor Cert., RIR, Reduction in Recruitment, etc., and are currently also known as “PERM.”

PERM Labor Certifications are technically difficult, as the requirements are numerous and detailed, and a simple typographical error can be enough to trigger a denial. It is therefore imperative that employers filing a PERM Labor Certification have an experienced attorney handling the matter. Our firm has successfully handled numerous PERM Labor Certifications, and has been retained by employers who initially thought they could do it on their own. You should contact us to proceed with your PERM Labor Certification.

For more details on the process, please read the following: