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R Visa

The R-1 visa is reserved for religious workers, including clergy.

Religious workers are those that are in a religious vocation or a religious occupation. A religious occupation is one that relates to the traditional functions of the religious denomination.

In order to qualify for an R-1 visa, the person must have been a member of the same religious denomination for the two years immediately preceding the filing of the petition.

All R-1 petitions must first be filed with USCIS in the United States, even if the person is abroad and will be applying for an R-1 visa stamp at the US Embassy or Consulate.

R-1s have a statutory limit of 5 years. They are initially granted for two years and can be extended for an additional three.

Because USCIS has alleged that the fraud rate in R-1 petitions is high, USCIS now requires that an investigator visit the petitioning church prior to approval of the R-1.

Spouses and children of a person with an R-1 visa receive R-2 visas.

Persons on R-2 can attend school, but cannot work.

Due to the complexity of the standards applied by USCIS to R-1 petitions, an attorney should handle the case.

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