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E Visa

E visas come in several different flavors:

  • E-1 for Treaty Traders;
  • E-2 for Treaty Investors;
  • E-3 for Australian Specialty Occupations;

These visas have some requirements in common. They all require a treaty between the United States and the country of citizenship of the principal person applying for the visa. This treaty must cover the nature of the visa being applied for. The treaty can be a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation, a Bilateral Investment Treaty, or some other type of treaty.

In all cases, specific provisions of the treaty in question can affect the requirements for the visa.

For more information on each type of E Visa, please see one of the pages below.

The requirements and application procedures for E visas are complex. Retaining a competent attorney to guide you through the process is highly recommended, and will enhance the probability of success.

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