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Immigration Reform Will Take Time

While everything seems to indicate that some form of immigration reform may occur this year, it is way too early to determine who will qualify, or even if having already been petitioned will help. (Having already been petitioned should not hurt a case.) That determination cannot be made until a bill has passed both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. The video below explains how a bill becomes law.

At this time, the only advice that can be given is:

  1. Keep all documents that can be used to establish that you have been living in the US. These documents include:
    • School records
    • Bills
    • Bank records
    • Tax returns
    • Passport used to enter the US and I-94
    • Medical records
    • Rental agreements
  2. File tax returns
  3. Keep court documents for any court proceedings, particularly in charged with a crime.
  4. Do not do drugs. Not even marijuana/cannabis in states where it is legal.

We will update our site as soon as there is a successful bill in Congress.