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Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is a hot topic this year. However, legislation will take time to enact. That means that that it will be mid to late in the year before any legislation can be expected to be enacted. Go here for an overview of the process.

To date, the following actions taken by President Obama provide incomplete relief. The reason they provide incomplete relief is that they are not laws, which requires action by Congress, but rather policies, which do not require action by Congress.

  • DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA does not provide any path to permanent residency. It merely postpones the initiation of removal (deportation) proceedings while it is in effect.
  • Provisional Waivers are merely a new procedure for an already existing law. All “provisional waivers” provide is the ability for some to have their waiver application processed while they are in the US, instead of having to be abroad for its processing. A trip abroad is still required to complete the process.